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Support the CRC through Community Renewable Energy

For anyone wishing to provide financial support to the CRC, we have a unique opportunity in which you can participate. 

The CRC is accepting donations to be used toward the purchase of units in Osage Municipal Utilities’ Community Solar 
Program. Each $250 donation would help the CRC acquire one unit of solar capacity in OMU’s solar array, which would,
in return, give the CRC the right to receive a monthly credit on its utility bill for a period of 20 years. Your donation would provide long-term support for the CRC as well as support renewable energy within our community. Below you will find more information on how the CRC can benefit from participation in Osage Municipal Utilities’ (“OMU”) Community Solar Program.

What is OMU’s Community Solar Program (“Program”)?

OMU’s Community Solar Program is a community solar project located at 412 Joseph Lessard Court in Osage, Iowa. OMU owns, operates and maintains the Solar Array. The Solar Array consists of 2,772 solar panels, which will produce output of about 1,214,200 kilowatt hours (kWh) annually to be delivered to OMU customers. 

Under the Program, anyone can purchase a unit of solar capacity on behalf of any OMU eligible electric customer. OMU recommends individuals contact the OMU customer they wish to make the purchase on behalf of and work with that 
customer on the details of the donation.

What will the CRC do with my $250 donation?

The CRC will use their donations to purchase units of Solar Array capacity from OMU in return for the right to receive a production-related credit on their monthly utility bill. This production-related credit to the CRC would be calculated by OMU by taking the CRC’s share of the output (in kilowatt hours) from the Solar Array and multiplying it by 7.6 cents per kilowatt hour.

How does the CRC benefit from participating in OMU’s Community Solar Program instead of purchasing panels itself?

There is no large up-front cost, impact to existing property, or the need to acquire additional property for the CRC to have 
a solar facility. Since OMU owns, operates and maintains the solar panels and other equipment associated with the Solar Array, the CRC would have no ongoing operation or maintenance costs.

Is my donation tax deductible?

The CRC is a non-profit organization. Your donation may be tax deductible, but we recommend that you work with your 
personal tax professional to determine the tax impacts specific to your situation.

Who should I contact to find out more information?

For information on making a donation to support the CRC’s involvement in OMU’s Community Solar Program, please contact Beth Blumberg at (641) 832-3600 or For information on OMU’s Community Solar Program, please contact Josh Byrnes at or (641) 832-3731.

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